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The button on top of the grip is the compound gun trigger, serving both the cannon and machine gun armament. O’Sullivan hired a new crop of employees from the local talent and went back to work. Hawker Hunter Aircraft control stick grip column. Fewer still will get to fly a Spitfire, as there aren’t many of them compared to their famous American cousin, the P-51. Elevator trim control 5. A nice blast of power over the rudder solved that, and I was quickly taxiing back, canopy open, happy to have returned from my first Spitfire mission. To raise the gear, the pilot places both left and right selector switches in the up position before takeoff. Supermarine’s approach to the problem has been to over-design the components of its belt-driven reduction systems and to conduct extensive testing on dynamometers and real engine installations. Made from plastic. Aires | Supermarine Spitfire Mk.V Cockpit Set Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner Introduction. For more information, call 254-442-1800, or visit www.supermarineaircraft.com. The intent is to supply a truly complete powerplant, requiring no modification or tinkering by the builder. Repro, WWII Hawker Tempest control chain. Overheating can usually be dealt with by an early landing at the nearest airport, but gearbox or reduction drive issues can render you powerless in short order, necessitating an off-airport landing. Airborne acceleration was equally quick, and I pulled back to nail the 120-knot best climb (and maximum gear extension) speed while I deliberately operated the undercarriage. It would be almost impossible to incorporate a horizontally opposed Lycoming or Continental into the sleek lines of a Spitfire nose, and it would be difficult to reliably get the required horsepower out of those engines even if you could make them fit. Control … Throttle Control 31. (I was instructed to leave the gear up if I had to land off-field, as experience during the war showed the airplane to survive with little damage in this configuration.). Original, Compass corrector with key and boxed. The stated stall speeds are remarkably slow (45 knots dirty, 51 knots clean) for a high-performance airplane, but I found them to be accurate. Aviation does not advance without some risk, and while that risk appears to have been minimized by Supermarine, it is something that each potential builder will need to evaluate for himself. It was an inspired design. Original, WWII Spitfire flap selector valve unit. The airplane was easy to fly in the pattern. To cycle the gear, you pull the levers back until the position has been achieved, and then push them forward to lock. PSRU lubrication is separate from the engine-oil system, and so any constant-speed prop needs to be electrically controlled and operated. The under-wing radiator housing found on late-model Spitfires is used to house the engine radiators on the Mk 26B, and the radio compartment behind the seat is now a baggage area. Most modern pilots are used to a single gear handle or switch that is either up or down, plus indicator lights for each retractable gear (in this case, the two mains; the steerable swiveling tailwheel remains hanging in the breeze). Welcome to the alternative WWII Aircraft parts website where you can buy or trade. Again, the airplane felt natural with one wing pointing high to the sky and the other low, and the fighter-like visibility was obvious as I swept the blue for bogies. I was told that the airplane was intentionally built to balance much like the real Spitfire, which was nose heavy (or “tail light” as O’Sullivan preferred to say). Stick may be shortened a little after moving the rubber boot. Bomb Release Push-Button 67. It is no wonder that today we list it among the ranks of the “best of the best.” Through all of its versions, it maintained the heart of the British lion within its subtle curves. The potential for airframe damage in this case is high. It is interesting for an inveterate Lycoming driver to have so much oomph available with only a single lever (no mixture or prop controls), but if you think turbine, you’re not far off. Feel the Spitfire slow up as you begin the steady and continuous curved downward approach into wind, half a mile from the boundary hedge. In fact, O’Sullivan says, the FAA was quite impressed when they inspected the Mk 26B kit last year, and it passed the “51%” approval process with flying colors. It was explained to me that the original Spitfire was designed in the mid-1930s to be pilot friendly, operable by low-time pilots off of unimproved fields. 1/4 Scale Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX Cockpit Kit Includes: Instrument panel, gun sight, compass, side panel controls, control stick, pedals, seat, harness. The Mk 26B kit appears to be quite complete. The V-6 PSRU is equipped with a single wide belt, while the PSRU for the V-8 is designed with two belts, either of which can carry the loads required to keep the prop turning. Because the prop is geared down, applying throttle changes the exhaust note and the prop sounds in a somewhat exotic mix, a wonderful combination that clearly tells the pilot (and anyone within earshot) that power is available whenever you want it; just push the knob forward. I leveled off at 4000 feet MSL and set the power as recommended at 3200 rpm, 42% throttle position (yielding about 23 inches MAP), and saw the speed stabilize at about 161 KIAS, which computed to 172 KTAS. Looked at that way, the 90% replica is surprisingly affordable. The aircraft flown for this report is the factory demonstrator, with about 65 hours total time on the airframe and engine at the time. Using authentic WWII controls, visitors will be able to take off, fly and land a Mk XVI Spitfire whilst sitting in a realistic cockpit! £55.00. It could be over the plains of Texas, or the cliffs of Dover. Propeller Control 65. Learn how your comment data is processed. Here is a functioning De icing pump used in all Mk's of Spitfires and Hurricanes. New images will be taken and uploaded as time and resources allow. Earlier versions of the Mk 26 have used different props, but Supermarine seems to be settling on the MT as its preferred design. I elected to operate off the grass beside the paved runway, on the recommendation of the factory guys, to give me some natural braking effect, and this worked out well. For instance, the landing-gear operating system had recently been rewired and updated. I was cautioned that the custom-made brakes were not very effective (something that is obviously high on the factory’s list to correct) and therefore approached taxi speed and turns with care. Complete cockpit sets available for P-51D, P-47D, Fw 190, and Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX Supermarine does build some custom components for its aircraft; the wheels and brakes are designed to match the original aircraft’s in design and appearance, for instance, and the company has major castings and machine work done by outside suppliers when it is appropriate. The airplane was also ballasted aft to keep the tail from getting too light in solo flight. During his years of development with the 75% Spitfire, he had 28 different forced landings due to engine failures. The main controller is the joystick (centre left to bottom centre), which controls the direction of the aircraft in flight . Climbing in is facilitated by the little “door” that swings down on the left side after the bubble canopy is slid back, a feature found on the original Spitfire and carried through for both nostalgia and practicality (no climbing in over a tall cockpit longeron for the proper British pilot). All rights reserved worldwide. The Spitsim flight Controls were developed from … Your model is a replica of the Mk Ia Spitfire flown by A. G. 'Sailor' Malan, a South African by birth, who served with the RAF during World War II. New Old Stock, Spitfire under carriage selector drum gate - Repro, Available soon. . The cockpit of the Mk 26B is almost spacious, with plenty of elbowroom. All of the intakes are authentic; the radiators under the wing are actually radiators. It is, however, something to remember in the landing flare, when forward visibility to judge height can suddenly become useless. Don’t expect to make sharp ground turns, and certainly don’t depend on them for significant steering corrections. Since he has been working with the Isuzu V-6 and the Chevrolet LS2 V-8, he has had none, a significant testament to the engineering that he has put into these powerplants. As in most fighter aircraft of the era, there is not much room to spare, the cross section of the fuselage being … The replica MkIX Spitfire is built around a real Spitfire cockpit and Rolls Royce Merlin engine.RAF Harrowbeer was a WWII Fighter Station that. If you have a special request or need something a little different we will endevour to make it work. That comes to $232,000. The fit and finish on the aircraft was excellent, and the engine compartment showed an unusual attention to detail for an early model machine. My goal for AuthentiKit TM is a truly immersive experience in which the flight stick is exactly where you expect it to be and feels just like the real thing, whether that is a Spitfire MkIX spade grip or a basic DR400 stick. The main criteria during development was that the controls were as realistic as possible - suitable for use as a conversion trainer. There is the harmonious feel of well-balanced controls that allow you to point the airplane where you want to go with little effort, movement or thought. The Mk 26B should not require extraordinary pilot skills, but it is, by definition, a high-performance airplane with retractable landing gear and a lot of horsepower, so it is not for the raw beginner. (O’Sullivan said everyone flies it a bit too fast the first time, and only a few knots extra in the flare will cause that balloon. Aires | Supermarine Spitfire Mk.V Cockpit Set Reviewed by Randy Bumgardner Introduction. Johnson Controls is a global diversified technology and multi industrial leader serving a wide range of customers in more than 150 countries. This will take some getting used to for new pilots, and gear operations need to be quite deliberate. It is not uncommon for metal airplane designers to use twice as many fasteners as necessary to provide a margin for builders who might not set good rivets, but it is almost impossible to improperly set a pulled rivet, so there should be little worry about the Spitfire’s ability to hold up to modern “combat.”. Camera Gun Indicator Wedge Plate 64. Original. The fuselage is built up on an internal backbone jig (at the factory), and it would be difficult for the average homebuilder to create from raw parts due to its graceful curves. A desire to see airplanes of that type (that were reasonable to own) set him on a course to build his own, and through experimentation and growth, he developed kits for the 75%, 80% and finally the 90% Spitfire. We treat every project individually. In the early years of Supermarine Aircraft, founder Mike O’Sullivan experimented with a number of different engines with varying degrees of success. Rudder forces were delightfully light, and it was easy to point the nose left or right by up to 10. The real para number is 45 in the Spitfire I and 37 in the Spitfire … A valid question, and one I put to O’Sullivan upon my arrival at the scrublands east of Abilene.

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