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So what should you know if you decided to get yourself a Boxsky puppy? Another certainty for Boxskies is their medium- to large size. Here are a few characteristics of the German Shepherd Boxermix: So, read on! Siberian Husky is originated from Russia but Boxer is originated from Germany. These high energy dogs are used for various applications but are mainly used as watch dogs. Go with your gut instinct: if you have any doubts, walk away and seek a Lab Husky mix puppy elsewhere. High energ… This crossbreed is not recommended for new pet owners because of their stubbornness and independence. So needs a good country home or farm. So, what conspires to exactly happen when a Boxer and a Siberian Husky decide to become one? In case of some inherited diseases such as epilepsy, the owner has to administer the medicine to the beloved dog for the rest of life. Due to the watchdog background of the Boxer, these guys make great watchdogs as well as family pets. There are a few things you need to know before getting a Boxer-Siberian Husky mix. Flower - Boxer Mix Puppy for Sale in Leola, PA. The Husky howl can be heard from as far as 10 miles away. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Boxer Hanzo, a veteran in his seventh season competing including the length of their ride and their confidence on the board. Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Since they can range from 70-90lbs, sleeping arrangements can be taxing. The Boxsky is an intelligent and enthusiastic dog, but their exuberance may be too much for small children. This very special Dog is 7 years old and weighs 55 pounds. However, if your boxsky adopts more of a short hair coat from its boxer parent, you can use a curry brush and just give it a weekly once over. Keep your dog healthy and happy in order to improve the quality of life of your beloved pet. Siberian Husky may have less litter size than Boxer. Boxers are normally good with other animals (may sometimes fight with the same sex). A Boxer Husky mix is a crossbreed of two working dogs: the Boxer and the Siberian Husky. I am running more than 10 Blogs related to pets & animals. The Boxer Husky Mix is not only a very beautiful dog but is also a very good working dog. Shasta, a Shar Pei/Husky mix, was competing for the third time. He is 2 years old and 66 pounds in this picture. These dogs have traditionally been used for labor and companionship, which is why they respond well to human presence. Peeping into the history of Boxer Husky Mix reveals the fact about its parents. Would you like to write for us? The result is a cute mixed breed―Boxer-Siberian Husky Mix Breed or Bosky in short―that borrows the traits and looks of both its parents and is sure to bowl you over. ▶ This is a very sweet and loving dog.▶ The husky side of it can howl continuously, unless it’s taught not to do so. A Boxer Mix can end up with a coat similar to one of their parents or a coat that is a combination of both of them. Boxer and Husky Mix: Common Information, Character and Training: Boxer Husky Mix Puppies For Sale. Boxer Husky Mix has the traits of both parent dog breeds. Both Siberian Husky and Boxer are having almost same height. Steer clear of “bargain” pups or too-high priced litters. Meet Sheba, Boxer/Husky mix Dog For Adoption in Los Angeles CA. Boxer Beagle Mix is a designer dog that contains the traits of Beagle dog and Boxer dog. Sometimes called a Boxsky, a Boxer Husky Mix is what you get when you mix a Boxer with a Siberian Husky. (Wilmore) < image 1 of 1 > QR Code Link to This Post. See more ideas about boxer mix, boxer, boxer husky mix. Are you looking for a husky mix? This dog is the result of 2 purebred dogs. The Boxer Pitbull Mix is very playful and will need lots of toys at home. They’re not a Husky mix meant for everyone. You’ll need to give them between 60 to 80 minutes of exercise a day. The Goberian is a designer hybrid that crosses two extremely popular breeds: the… One final note: If you are thinking a Boxer mix might be to your liking, please be aware that many shelter dogs listed as Boxer mixes are actually bulldog, or more likely, pit bull mixes. Let’s unveil facts about this lovable and loyal designer dog breed such as Boxer husky mix appearance, Boxer husky mix Weight and Height, the Average lifespan of boxer husky mix, and Diseases in boxer husky mix. These cookies do not store any personal information. A Boxer Husky mix will incorporate the traits of both breeds, including a protectiveness of the family and an ability to vocalise their emotions. Boxer Husky Mix. Because of this, a Boxsy should not be allowed to wander off-leash and is not recommended for inexperienced owners. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Breeds: Boxer & Border Collie. I love to write about Pets. Though they are friendly, they can become overly protective of their family and home without the proper socialization and training. These high energy dogs are used for various applications but are mainly used as watch dogs. This designer breed does not shed much. The Beagle Boxer Mix has a lifespan of around 10 to 15 years. These mixed pups sometimes also called Aussie Siberian or Aussie Husky. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. As both parents are very different in appearance, it will be difficult to determine how the puppy is going to look like. A clean environment, adequate shelter, and nursing from time to time, along with proper care of the diet will result in a mix breed puppy that’s larger than it is supposed to be. It is very hard to keep him in a yard or contained." DogAppy will brief you on the characteristic looks, temperament, and other information about the Bosky. DogAppy will brief you on the characteristic looks, temperament, and other information about the Bosky. Husky dog breed has beautiful eyes of golden or blue color. Oct 25, 2016 - 17k Likes, 334 Comments - Brielle (@briellebiermann) on Instagram: “puppy dog eyes” This beautiful and intelligent dog is healthy, spayed, up to date on shots and micro-chipped. Boxer Husky Mix Appearance We provide informative articles about caring for pets that you can come back to again and again when you have questions or want to learn more! Boxsky – Siberian Husky Mix Breed With Boxer. How long have Boxer Huskies been around? As all the Husky mix-breed dogs, the puppy has a chance to have those piercing icy blue eyes everybody loves. Once, adult, you can expect your dog to weigh up to thirty-five to seventy pounds. This hybrid came from the bloodline of two working dogs. How big will a Husky Boxer Mix get? This is one of the reasons why so many people are using them as family watch dogs. Very playful. Boxer and husky mix is a hybrid dog, which attracts people not only with its appearance, but also with its character. The Boxer Husky Mix, is a hybrid mix breed dog created by breeding the Boxer and the Siberian Husky. The Boxsky weighs up to 75 pounds. They can exhibit a strong prey drive and can be quite stubborn. Boxer Husky Mix What is the Boxer Husky Mix. Pet Insurance Plans: Should You Get Standard Coverage or Wellness Care? German Shepherd and Husky mix; German Shepherd and Border Collie mix; German Shepherd and Corgi mix; German Shepherd and Chihuahua mix; Like the Boxer, your lap will be one of their favorite places. They can exhibit a strong prey drive and stubbornness. 1. When it comes to paying attention, the Boxer Husky Mix does a wonderful job of knowing its surroundings. There are TONS of cute husky mixes out there like the siberian husky mix, mastiff husky mix, husky bulldog mix shown above. Ensure to take your dog to the vet for regular check up. Boxer and Husky Mix: Common Information, Character and Training. Boxer Husky Mix. It is always hard to tell what a mixed breed dog will be like, but if you continue reading below we will dive into this hybrid deeper. $1,800. Boxer Husky Mix is energetic dogs which are well known for their intelligence. Male. See more ideas about boxer husky mix, husky mix, puppies. Loving If you’re looking for a loving dog, you can’t go too far wrong with a Boxer Husky Mix. Find out more about this breed here in our detailed review. The Bosky has a positive and cheerful personality. Boba loves playing with all … Pet Suites: Boarding, Grooming, and Training Services for Dogs, How to Find the Right Pet Clinic for Your Dog or Cat. A Boxer Husky mix is a cross between a Boxer and a Siberian Husky. Husky Staffie mix. Feed the dog with plenty of fluids and good quality food but in portions. Boxer Husky Mix dogs need a lot of exercise to prevent them from becoming destructive within the home. 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. Boxer Mix Puppies for Sale The Siberian Husky, a Spitz developed by the Chukchi people, is a nimble, thickly-coated, sled dog. It would also grow to about 25 to 30 inches. Boxskies are the husky mix breeds of the combination of a Siberian husky with the Boxer. Only reason getting rid of him is he loves to bark. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Mixing up the DNA of the Husky and the German Shepherd will result in this adorable pup called the … Fifi - Boxer Mix Puppy for Sale in Leola, PA. Felix - Boxer Mix Puppy for Sale in Leola, PA. $2,200. This is an interesting mix as both breeds are highly intelligent, working dogs. It generally has a solid body color. Its looks might vary, and could resemble more in looks to either a husky or a boxer. The handsomest pupper ever! As amazing as they look, Boskies do need a lot of attention and care. A cross like the Dalmatian Husky mix, as a first generation mix, means that two purebred dogs have been bred together to create a mixed breed dog. These high spirited dogs do well with children and will look out for their human pack mates. The average weight of the adorable Boxer Husky Mix ranges from 35 pounds to 80 pounds. via Instagram: @gimli1307. The price range for a Husky Lab mix puppy can span anywhere from $300 to $800. It is a mix breed, which makes it a tad difficult to predict any features about it. Huskies' almond shaped eyes dazzle in brown, blue or Heterochromia. Jul 31, 2016 - Explore Anger East's board "Husky and Boxer Mix", followed by 281 people on Pinterest. With her strong jaw and love of chewing, this dogs can destroy a chew toy within minutes. Boxer Husky Mix is a designer dog breed which is also known as Boxsky. A key factor that determines the size of this mix breed is the environment it thrives in. Fun Facts About the Boxer Husky Mix. Sheba is a Female Boxer Siberian Husky mix Dog for adoption to a very loving home in or near Los Angeles, CA. Male. However, the maximum life expectancy of the Boxer Husky Mix is about 14 years. If you are a pet owner who has decided on keeping this mix breed as a pet (good choice, we must say), we take the opportunity to put forth some useful information about this mixed breed, and in return, only ascertaining the fact that this cute little bundle of joy won’t be a disappointment of sorts, provided you note down a few pointers. When Siberian Husky and Boxer dog breed then a fabulous dog breed is produced, which is none other than the Boxer Husky Mix. You will need to be a firm leader, though, as they can have a stubborn streak. Phone 826-6535. They require a confident leader and consistent coaching to curb their strong-headed nature. ▶ This dog can be very stubborn and has its own mind; hence, it is not advisable for first-time owners. Careful, though! @pupfrankie writes: When Frankie was a puppy she needed a lot of exercise or she got destructive. If you are allergic to dog fur or asthmatic, this is something to consider when buying a dog that might shed frequently. Boxer Mix Puppies for Sale The Siberian Husky, a Spitz developed by the Chukchi people, is a nimble, thickly-coated, sled dog. Huskies' almond shaped eyes dazzle in brown, blue or Heterochromia. If you are interested in selling of your beloved pet then contact us to get the details. However, the height of Boxer Husky Mix dog ranges from 20 inches to a maximum of about 25 inches. Caring For A Boxer Husky Mix. The neive owners and lovers. Boxer Husky Mixes tend to be loving dogs that like to receive affection and be affectionate.

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