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Dear visitor, thank you for visiting my website! Allow me to briefly introduce myself to you.

I’m Gergely Kanyog, from the suburbs of Budapest, Hungary. In the late 1990s, I began drawing
portraits, I draw them from photographs. Initially I worked with graphite but later switched to the
drybrush technique. On this page you can see my drybrush works. If you want a portrait of yourself,
family members or friends, please write me by e-mail, which you can find under the contact menu point!


The drybrush technique

Drybrush is a special drawing technique made with oil paint, using paintbrush and eraser, typically
drawn on paper. The paper can be smooth or slightly textured to achieve different effects.
Despite the fact that brush is used, the technique is typically referred to as drawing. The reason is
that working with small amounts of paint, the brush is almost dry; to create various lighting effects
an eraser is also used. This technique is somewhere between drawing and painting, to create a
picture it’s enough to use a few match head size oil paint. To achieve deep tones and to dilute the
paint a few drops of sewing machine oil is used. The results of drybrush technique features deep tones and
realistic lighting effects. The image is made on high quality art paper, the finish is archival grade.

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